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Social Axe Throwing OGDEN



Step into the realm of excitement with our signature 2-hour Main Event package, crafted to elevate any occasion at Social Axe Throwing. As pioneers of exhilarating entertainment, we take pride in curating unforgettable experiences. Here’s the scoop: Picture your squad snugly settled into a private axe throwing bay, accommodating up to 16 individuals. But fear not, for larger groups, we seamlessly extend our bays to cater to your needs. Simply opt for an additional Main Event package to expand our exclusive spaces. At our Ogden, Utah venue, we can host up to 36 enthusiasts before considering venue rental options.

Safety and Training kickstart the adventure, helmed by our adept coaches. Teams, assembled from your crew, ignite friendly rivalries with quirky monikers like The AxeHoles or Bad Axes, adding zest to the competition. Guided by our spirited instructors, participants delve into a medley of axe throwing games tailored for all skill levels and physical prowess. As the event crescendos, individuals vie for supremacy in a thrilling march madness-style bracket, culminating in the coronation of your Social Axe Champion.

Mark our words; reserving this extravaganza guarantees an epic celebration. Whether fostering camaraderie within your corporate cohort or commemorating a milestone birthday, bachelor, or bachelorette bash, we ensure every attendee is on a first-name basis, fueling the ambiance with infectious high-fives. Prepare to be astonished, as often, it’s the unlikeliest contender who emerges victorious!

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us, whether seeking a unique birthday soirée, an unconventional pre-wedding festivity, or simply a rollicking night out with pals.

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